How we smoke our fish

Traditional smoked fish

Fish being smoked

All our smoked fish is smoked in a traditional kiln using oak wood shavings and shavings from used whisky barrels. They are hung on wooden sticks and placed in the kiln to be smoked for a minimum of 8 hours. This is the traditional way of smoking fish and gives the fish a beautiful taste and texture. Why don’t you try it today? Call us for current prices.

Smoked salmon

Most smoked salmon is cold smoked, typically at 37°C (99°F). The cold smoking does not cook the fish, which results in a delicate texture. Although some smoke houses go for a deliberately 'oaky' style with prolonged exposure to smoke from oak chips, industrial production favours less exposure to smoke and a blander style, using cheaper woods.

Our Fish Smoking Process

To begin smoking our fish, we hang prepared fish in lines on racks, or tenters, within the kiln. Our workers climb up and straddle the racks while hanging the individual lines in ascending order. Small circular wood chip fires are then lit at floor level and allowed to smoke slowly throughout the night. The wood fire is dampened with sawdust to create smoke. This must be constantly tended as naked flames would cook the fish rather than smoke it. The required duration of smoking is gauged by our skilled 'master smoker' who manually checks for optimum smoking conditions.

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